Useful entities for PWNs (people with narcolepsy):

  • Narcolepsy NetworkNarcolepsy Network is a national not-for-profit organization aiming to educate and support those with narcolepsy and the people in their lives. Narcolepsy Network holds annual conferences in various locations around the country.

  • Talk About Sleep Talk About Sleep is a comprehensive site designed to educate and support those with narcolepsy, sleep apnea, insomnia, fibromyalgia, circadian rythym disorders, and all other sleep disorders. Registration is free, and members can read others' powerful stories, purchase sleep products, and interact with each other via disorder-specific message boards and live, moderated chats.

  • National Sleep FoundationThe National Sleep Foundation's website provides an abundance of information about nearly every possible sleep-related topic. Educational materials, videos, articles, and research updates are always available.

  • National Organization of Rare DisordersNORD provides advice and assistance to those struggling with rare disorders, including advocacy and assistance with the purchase of medications for those who qualify.

  • National Institutes of HealthNIH is a government health organization. This site provides information on many illnesses and disorders, as well as general health information.